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Princess Salvia

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(Japanese: '''サルビア王女''' ''Princess Salvia'') is a [[character of the day]] in [[DP171]]. She is voiced by かかずゆみ ''[[Yumi Kakazu]]'' in Japanese.
She is a [[doppelgänger]] of {{an|Dawn}}, only differing in appearance by her hairstyle and clothing. Wishing to escape from her royal duties and compete in a [[Pokémon Contest]] after all her hard training with TogekkissTogekiss, the princess swapped identities with Dawn.
Using her {{TP|Dawn|Togekiss}}, Salvia won against [[Jessie|Jessilina]] in the final round, almost being defeated, 'Dawn' successfully earned the [[Katakuri Town]] [[Ribbon]]. Out of kindness, she gave the Ribbon she won to her opponent, rather than keeping it for herself. Also, to allow her Togekiss to compete in more Contests, she gave it to Dawn.