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Arceus (Pokémon)

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* Arceus's signature move, {{m|Judgment}}, is the only move that Arceus is guaranteed [[Same-type attack bonus|STAB]] for, as it is always the same type as Arceus itself. However, on the battle screen, Judgment is always displayed as a {{type2|Normal}} attack.
* Even though it is said that Arceus created the world with its thousand arms, it is not shown to have any arms at all, nor can it learn hand- and arm-based moves such as the elemental punches.
**Furthermore, Arceus is able to learn {{m|Seismic Toss}}, despite its apparent lack of arms and hands.
* Holding the {{DL|Plate|Sky Plate}}, Arceus is the only Pokémon able to become a pure {{type2|Flying}} outside of battle (other Pokémon can do so in battle through the use of {{m|Conversion}}, {{m|Conversion 2}}, and {{a|Color Change}}).
* With the appropriate [[plate]], Arceus is the only legendary {{t|Poison}}-, {{t|Bug}}-, or {{type2|Fighting}} Pokémon.