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Pokémon Egg

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A '''Pokémon egg''' is an object which every [[Pokémon]] hatches from. An egg's shell usually has a pattern reflecting the appearance of the Pokémon inside. Pokémon eggs are produced through [[Pokémon breeding|breeding]].
Some Pokémon, called [[baby Pokémon]], can only be obtained in most games by hatching them from an egg. [[Legendary Pokémon]] cannot breed in the Pokémon games and therefore their eggs are only seen in rare situations if at all. Eggs will always hatch into a base [[Evolution|evolutionary]] stage, or in cases such as {{p|Marill}} and {{p|Wobbuffet}} without the proper [[held items|incense]], the stage immediately following a baby stage. In the games preceeding and including [[Generation III]], eggs hatch as level 5 pokémon. Starting in [[Generation IIIIIV]], to be more consistent with wild pokémon found at levels lower than 5, eggs now hatch at level 1.
=In the games=