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Pokémon Battle Revolution

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Pokémon Battle Revolution features 10 different colosseums in a new land named Pokétopia. Other announced features include stadiums that have their own special effects, such as randomising the order of one's Pokémon.
Players can fully customise their [[Pokémon trainer|trainer]] to use on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Players can customise their characters with hats, shirts, glasses, and other things. A key difference from this game compared to the Stadium titles is that minigames are absent from this game. A trainer can choose 6 Pokémon and get a Battle Pass; however, if Pokémon Diamond or Pearl is connected, a player can upload their trained Pokémon and get an Original Pass.
Key differences from other Pokémon console games shown are that the Pokémon can now actually strike at the opponent physically while both Pokémon are rendered on the screen, instead of seeing one Pokémon attacking and then cutting away to the second getting hit by the attack as in previous titles. However, it's assumed that the same style of gameplay as the older games will be used for slower Pokémon and/or moves to keep the pace of gameplay up. When an attack that strikes both opposing Pokémon is performed, it hits both of them on screen simultaneously, instead of showing it as tha attack striking one Pokemon first then the second Pokemon next. The game also features a 100 trainer battle when you complete it for the first time.