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Scizor (Pokémon)

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Scizor has a similar appearance to its evolutionary predecessor {{p|Scyther}}, except with a thick, red metallic exoskeleton, which comes at the expense of much of the speed Scyther had, but makes up for it by having a higher Defense and Attack. Scizor also has crab-like claws, with yellow-and-black eye-like patterns on them that bear a faint resemblance to a {{p|Trapinch}}'s head. Scizor has two-toed feet with one clawed toe in front and the other in the back. Scizor has a pair of retractable, two-lobed wings, similar to that likeof a butterfly. Aside from its primarily red coloration, Scizor has accentuations of black on its neck, chest, and abdomen, and yellow eyes.
====Gender differences====
The female Scizor has a bigger abdomen than the male.
Scizor are known to upraise their claws and wave them around to scare others, as their claws look like two heads. A Scizor's wings are not meant for flying but rather used to cool down body temperature; however, Scizor have been seen flyingbeing able to 'glide' with their wings in the anime, by doing things such as riding wind currents, suggesting their wings still posses minimal flight capability.
==Other appearances==
===[[Super Smash Bros. Melee]]===
Scizor is a more dangerous version of {{p|Marill}}. Not only does it do more damage but it will flyalso jump around the screen targeting an opponent.
====Trophy information====
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[[Image:TheRedInazumaofSkyscraper.jpg|right|thumb|A Scizor {{m|fly}}ing in the anime]]
* Although Scizor cannot learn the move {{m|Fly}}, and its [[Pokédex]] entries (as well as in [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon]]) say that Scizor doesn't use its wings to fly, Scizor has abeen modifiedseen versionbeing ofable flyingto still use its wings to 'glide' in the anime. In the anime episode ''[[AG166|Curbing the Crimson Tide]]'', Brock notes that the gusts of wind blowing around the tall buildings on which they stood were helping {{ka|Luna}}'s Scizor to 'fly' around them.
* Scizor shares the same [[species]] name with {{p|Kingler}}. They are both known as Pincer Pokémon, though Scizor has also been called the Scissors Pokémon.
* Despite having different base stats, Scizor and its pre-evolution, {{p|Scyther}}, have the same base stat total: 500.