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Transportation in the Pokémon world

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After the player has become the [[champion]], it will always run between [[Lilycove City]] and [[Slateport City]], and to the {{ho|Battle Tower}} in [[Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions|Ruby and Sapphire]]. However, it will also run to other places if the player has a ticket. With the [[Battle Pass]], it will run to the {{Gdis|Battle Frontier|III}} (in {{V2|Emerald}}); with the [[Eon Ticket]], it will run to [[Southern Island]]; with the [[Mysticticket]], it will run to [[Navel Rock]]; with the [[Aurora Ticket]], it will run to [[Birth Island]]; and with the [[Old Sea Map]], it will run to [[Faraway Island]].
====S.S. Cactus====
The '''[[Abandoned Ship|S.S. Cactus]]''' was a large ship from Hoenn Region, that supposedly carried large amount of passengers and cargo. However, for some reason, the ship was partially submerged along {{rt|108}}, where it currently remains ruined on a sandbar. It is not specifically known where the boat ran between, though based on it's location, one could assume it might have stopped at either Slateport City or [[Dewford Town]]. In present day, many Pokémon live in, and lots of trainers enjoy exploring and training on the boat, known to people as the '''Abandoned Ship'''.
====Seagallop Ferries====