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[[File:Pokémon Base Stadium.png|thumb|250px|A Pokémon Base Stadium in the anime]]
'''Baseball''' is a popular sport in the [[Pokémon world]]. It is usually represented through episodes of the [[Pokémon anime]] that feature {{an|Casey}}, a big fan of baseball.
==In the anime==
[[File:Oluolu.png|thumb|200px|[[Oluolu]], a famous Pokémon Base player]]
Three episodes have featured baseball as a major theme:
* The introduction of Casey in ''[[EP118|The Double Trouble Header]]'' contained many baseball references. Aside from the title itself, Team Rocket had a baseball -themed motto and the final confrontation took place on a baseball field.
* In ''[[SS011HS11|A Date with Delcatty]]'', [[Georgio]] wanted to go on a date with {{an|Misty}} to the Starmie-Electabuzz game at the Cerulean Marine Stadium.
* Casey managed to help her team in ''[[SS017HS17|Those Darn Electabuzz!]]'' by helping their star pitcher to regain his confidence.
Other episodes with Casey have had a more minor mention of baseball, usually through her singing the Electabuzz song.
==Teams==A baseball player was also featured in ''[[EP062|Clefairy Tales]]'', claiming that he cannot hit a home run since his lucky bat was stolen, though he later gained it back at the end of the episode.
{{an|Brock}} used baseball as a theme when he competed in the [[Gardenia Town]] [[Pokémon Contest]] in ''[[AG167|What I Did for Love!]]''. During the [[Appeal|Performance Stage]], he pitched baseballs to his {{TP|Brock|Bonsly}}, who caught and juggled them. His performance impressed the [[Contest Judge]]s enough for them to secure him a place in the [[Contest Battle|Battle Stage]].
In the [[Alola]] [[region]], '''Pokémon Base''' (Japanese: '''ポケベース''' ''Pokébase'') is a popular recreation which consists of [[human]]s and {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} playing a baseball game together. It was introduced in ''[[SM028|Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper!]]'', in which {{Ash}}, {{ashcl}}, and {{TRT}} competed in a friendly match at the [[Pokémon School]]. [[Oluolu]] is said to be a very famous player.
===Known teams===
To include the spirit of Pokémon, the teams are all named after a particular species:
* The {{p|Electabuzz}}: Casey's favorite team. Their star pitcher is [[Corey Demario]].
* The {{p|Starmie}}s: The biggest rivals of The Electabuzz. Their stadium is in [[Cerulean City]].
* The {{p|Magikarp}}s: Despite their name, {{Ash}} claims that they are a more successful team than The Electabuzz.
==In the games==
[[File:Spr B2W2 Infielder.png|thumb|Infielder sprite from {{game|Black and White|s|Black 2 and White 2|2}}]]
In {{game|Black and White|s|Pokémon Black, White}}, {{game|Black and White|s|Black 2, and White 2|2}}, [[Nimbasa City]]'s [[Big Stadium and Small Court|Big Stadium]] has a baseball field inside of it on every [[Days of the week|Sunday, Monday, and Thursday]]. There is also the {{tc|Infielder}} {{DL|Pokémon Trainer|Trainer class}}, who are baseball players, and can be battled on Big Stadium whenever the baseball field is present.
* The inclusion of baseball in Pokémon, where the focus is on [[Pokémon battle]]s, is likely due to its high popularity in Japan. During the baseball season, it is common for there to be weeks where no new episodeepisodes of Pokémon airsair due to [[TV Tokyo]] choosing to broadcast the game instead.
* {{an|Brock}} used baseball as a theme when he made an appeal with his {{TP|Brock|Bonsly|Sudowoodo}} in the contest in ''[[AG167|What I Did for Love]]''. He pitched baseballs to Bonsly, who caught and juggled them.
*==See The colors of Team Electabuzz; black and gold; are the same colors as that of the {{wp|Pittsburgh Pirates}}.<!--I don't think it matters to mention the other Pittsburgh teams in this case, since the Steelers are a football team and the Penguins are a hockey team-->also==
* [[Pokémon Baccer World Cup]]
==In other languages==
''Pokémon Base''
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* {{wp|Baseball|Article on Wikipedia}}
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