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'''Glitch City Laboratories''' (or GCL for short) is a Pokémon fansite, created by [[User:Abwayax{{u|Abwayax]] (now known as Adrian Malacoda)}} in 2005, (althoughthough it is the latest in a historyseries of sites that spansspan back to 2003),. thatThe site focuses primarily on [[glitch|glitches]]es, especially those in the Pokémon franchise. This site thoroughly investigates them, and has collected "GlitchDex" entries for all Generation I glitch Pokémon with index numbers, (including methods of obtaining them, their standard moves up to level 100, advanced moves up to level 255, and sprites). As well, Bluelatios, a member on the forums, has gotten cries for many glitch Pokémon. These have been including in many GlitchDex articles. Another main part of the site is the "Big List", A.K.A a hex list for various important elements of the [[Generation I]] and [[Generation II|II]] Pokémon games. It includes not only Pokémon, but also attacks and itemsseries.
These are the GlitchDex, the AttackDex, and the ItemDex however the AttackDex and ItemDex have not yet been fully implemented on the Wiki "Project Phoenix". The GlitchDexsite hashosts plentyseveral of information on glitch Pokémondatabases, namely the sprite, the method(s) of obtaining it, as well as moves. The moves are divided into three categories: Starting Moves, learned at level 0, Standard Moves, learned up to level 100, and Advanced Moves, learned up to level 255. The AttackDex is not a database of all attacks like that on [[]], but rather one of all "glitch moves". After that, is the very similar ItemDex. This documents "glitchmain items"sectors.
==Projects==The GlitchDex includes all information on an individual glitch Pokémon, including its in-game appearance, how it can be found, and the moves that it can learn, named off as "starting moves" (known by a Pokémon when caught at level 1), "standard moves" (learned by a Pokémon between levels 2 and 100), and "advanced moves" (learned by a Pokémon between level 101 and 255).
The projects on the site are big sets of updates all connected to one thing. The first one, Project Melchior, was to collect data on every single glitch Pokémon in all of the games, at least up to [[Generation III]]. This is "still not finished", as there are more than 65,000 glitch Pokémon in {{v2|Ruby and Sapphire|s}} that have not yet been documented. Project Melchior itself was originally started by Adrian Malacoda as "Melchior", however a staff member Newo, decided to extend Project Melchior to document the glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire (Melchior X), as the next "part" of the project. The second one, in effect now, Project Balthasar, is to finish a second version of the GlitchDex, the GlitchDex 2.0.
===ProjectThe Phoenix===other two major databases feature similar subjects. The AttackDex, rather than chronicling the many moves that can be learned by Pokémon in the games, consists of all [[glitch move]]s that have so far been found. Likewise, the ItemDex features all known glitch [[item]]s and their effects.
In July 2009, an overhaul of the site was mentioned, named "Project Phoenix". It is for turning the site into wiki format. Until the link was leaked by a admin, only members ranked "Member +" or above knew about the wiki. In August 2009, the wiki was officially announced to the public by Tombstoner. ==Projects==
The site's various projects are large updates that are all interconnected, usually sharing a common subject. The first, Project Melchior, was to collect information on every single glitch Pokémon in all games up to [[Generation III]]. This project, according to the site, is still unfinished, as there are more than 65,000 glitch Pokémon in {{game|Ruby and Sapphire|s}} alone that have not been documented.
As of March 28 2010, Adrian Malacoda officially redirected the site to the wiki, however some projects are still in their beta stage and have not yet been converted into standard wiki formatting such as the AttackDex.
Glitch City Laboratories contains very detailed articles on more or less all known glitches. They contain pictures, extra tricks, and very detailed explanations. Here is a list of some of the glitches documented:
===Generation I===
* Ditto Trick (known on Bulbapedia as Method #3 of the Mew Trick)
* Old Man Glitch (more commonly known as the "MissingNo." glitch)
* Mew Trick
* Q Trick
* Cloning Pokémon (in all generations)
* Amazing Man
* Stand on a tree
* Invisible PC
* Evolving Raichu
* Zero Error
* Reboard the S.S. Anne
* Go to Agatha from Lance
* Ditto's Secret Move (better known as the "Cooltrainer♀ Move")
* Transforming into a Ditto
* See ghosts without the Silph Scope
* Stuck in wall in Pallet Town
* Getting past the Marowak ghost without the Silph Scope
* Pokédex numbers above 151
* Bill's Secret Garden
* "ZZAZZ" Glitch
* Skipping the first Gym
===Generation II===
* Ilsty and ?
* Glitch Unown
* Glitch Dolls
* Changing main character's color (Crystal)
* Celebi egg trick
===Generation III===
* "Cool Move"
* Stand on a tree
* The "Pomeg glitch"
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