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'''Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka''' (Japanese: '''田中宏和''' but usually credited in hiragana only, born December 13, 1957) is mosta wellJapanese composer and musician best known asfor creating or co-creating various video games by [[Nintendo]]. He is the composer of much the [[list of Japanese opening themes|opening theme]] and [[list of Japanese ending themes|ending theme]] musicsongs used in the [[Pokémon anime]], but he is also currently the president of [[Creatures, Inc.]]
FormerlyAmong ofthe [[Nintendo]],many hegame alsosoundtracks he composed, the most well known are the music of [[wp:Metroid|Metroid]], as[[wp:Mother|Mother]] welland [[wp:Earthbound|Earthbound]] (with others), [[wp:Mario Bros.|Mario Bros.]], [[wp:Balloon Fight|Balloon Fight]], [[wp:Kid Icarus|Kid Icarus]], [[wp:Wrecking Crew|Wrecking Crew]], and [[wp:Gyromite|Gyromite]]. In addition, he also was instrumental asin developing the [[Game Boy Camera]] and the [[Game Boy Printer]].
==Bibliography of Pokémon Songs==
Currently incomplete.
* [[Aim to Be a Pokémon Master]]
* [[One Hundred Fifty-One]]
* [[Meowth's Song]]
* [[Fantasy in My Pocket]]
* [[Winter Vacation Fan Club]]
* [[Colorful Winter Vacation]]
* [[Pokémon Ondo]]
* [[Type: Wild]]
* [[The Rivals]]
* [[Riding on Lapras]]
* [[OK!]]
* [[Meowth's Party]]
* [[Exciting Pokémon Relay]]
* [[Exciting² Pokémon Relay]]
* [[Playism Declaration]]
* [[Christmas Eve]]
* [[Takeshi's Paradise]]
* [[To My Best Friend]]
* [[Face Forward Team Rocket!]]
* [[Ready Go!]]
* [[Pocket-ering Monster-ing]]
* [[White Dance]]
* [[Santa is Coming Soon!]]
* [[A New Oath]]
* [[Advance Adventure]]
* [[Because the Sky is There]]
* [[Polka O Dolka]]
* [[Challenger!!]]
* [[Full of Summer!!]]
* [[Pokémon Symphonic Medley]] (with [[Kazumi Mitome]])
* [[Pika Pika Massaichu]]
* [[Pokémon Counting Song]]
* [[Spurt!]]
* [[High Touch!]]
* [[Get Fired Up, Spikey-Eared Pichu!]]
* [[High Touch! 2009]]
==External links==
* [[wp:Hirokazu Tanaka|Article on Wikipedia]]
* [ Sporadic Vacuum], Tanaka's personal site (Japanese)
* [ Tanaka's Twitter page] (Japanese)
*[ Artist profile] at [[OverClocked ReMix]]
*[ Hirokazu Tanaka @ HearJapan]