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Ash's Tauros

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* Despite them all being captured in green Safari Balls, they all have regular [[Poké Ball]]s when Ash calls them into {{pkmn|battle}}.
* It has never been revealed whether Ash uses the same Tauros whenever one of them is transferred to him or if Professor Oak simply sends him a random one each time. However, it is likely that the one Ash uses is the leader of the herd.
* Ash's Tauros are the only Pokémon to be caught in a [[banned episodes|banned episode]] although Ash did unofficialy obtained a [[Sabrina's Haunter|Haunter]] in the temporaorly banned [[The Tower of Terror]] episode.
* Ash's Tauros knocked out {{FB|Salon Maiden|Anabel}}'s {{p|Metagross}} during Ash's rematch against her in ''[[AG170|Second Time's the Charm]]'', becoming his second Pokémon to defeat a [[pseudo-legendary]] Pokémon. However, it knocked itself out in the process.
** Pikachu was the first, which has defeated a {{TP|Drake|Dragonite}} and a {{TP|Tyson|Metagross}}.