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Moomoo Farm

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[[File:MooMoo Farm HGSS.png|left|thumb|MooMoo farm as seen in {{v2|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}]]
The MooMoo Farm is a small farm located on {{rt|39}}. It contains a small paddock where {{p|Miltank}} graze, a barn house, and another house where the owners live. The paddock is located on the south side of the farm, where four Miltank peacefully graze all day. In the barn, lives a sick Miltank named MooMoo. Two children try to nurse the sick Pokémon, but nothing seems to work. If the {{player}} gives MooMoo several [[Berry#List of Berries#Generation II|ordinary berries]] in [[Generation II]], or ten [[Oran Berry|Oran Berries]] in [[Generation IV]], it will gradually get better, and one of the children will give the player {{TM|13|Snore}} as a reward in Generation II, and the {{DL|List of key items in Generation IV|Seal Case}} in Generation IV. In the building next to the barn is the house where the family who owns the farm lives. It contains two farmers, a man and a woman. The man will sell {{DL|Drink|MooMoo Milk}} to the player for {{PDollar}}500 after MooMoo returns to health. The woman will reward the player with {{TM|13|Snore}} in Generation II, and {{TM|83|Natural Gift}} in Generation IV. In total there are five {{p|Miltank}} that live on the farm.