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Burned Tower

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In the games
====Generation II====
{{Itlistbod|Burn Heal|1F; InPast athe {{m|Rock Smash}}able rock, and hidden foreastern [[Itemfinder]]Firebreather.|GSC|display={{DL|Status ailment healing item|Burn Heal}} ×2}}
{{Itlistbod|HPX UpSpeed|1F; NearIn the Firebreathercenter area.|GSC|display={{DL|VitaminBattle item|HPX UpSpeed}}}}
{{Itlistbod|X SpeedEther|1F; InHidden anothernear {{m|Rockthe Smash}}ableX rockSpeed.|GSC|display={{DL|Battle itemEther|X SpeedEther}}}}
{{Itlistbod|TMHP NormalUp|1FB1F; BehindDrop ainto rockNW able to be moved with {{m|Strength}}hole.|GSC|display={{TMDL|20Vitamin|EndureHP Up}}}}
{{Itlistbod|TM Normal|B1F; Drop into NE hole; behind a rock able to be moved with {{m|Strength}}.|GSC|display={{TM|20|Endure}}}}
{{Itlistbod|Nugget|B1F; Where Entei, Raikou, and Suicune were ([[Itemfinder]]).|GSC|display={{DL|Valuable item|Nugget}}}}
{{Itlistbod|Ultra Ball|B1F; Drop into hole left of entrance (hidden)|GSC|display={{DL|Poké ball|Ultra Ball}}}}