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Riolu (Pokémon)

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Trivia: fixed a half-truth
**Additionally, their fully evolved forms ({{p|Lucario}} and {{p|Togekiss}}) are the only non-[[legendary Pokémon]] that can learn the move {{m|Aura Sphere}} (although Riolu itself may learn Aura Sphere through [[Ranger Net|special means]]).
**They both gain a secondary type upon evolution.
**They are the only baby Pokémon to come out in the same generation as theirat evolutionsleast one evolution.
*Riolu is the only pure {{type2|Fighting}} Pokémon whose evolution is not, as Lucario is {{2t|Fighting|Steel}}.
*Riolu is the only Pokémon that evolves by [[happiness]] that cannot be captured in a [[Luxury Ball]]. This is because it can only be hatched from an egg, obtained in an event, or captured in the [[Johto Safari Zone]].