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|desc={{p|Chikorita}} is Lyra's [[starter Pokémon]] and was used by Lyra to battle Dawn's {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}} in ''[[DP143|An Egg Scramble!]]'' as part of the Johto Festival. Despite the type-advantage, Chikorita was defeated by Piplup's {{m|Peck}}.
Chikorita's next appearance was in ''[[DP147|Bagged Then Tagged!]]'' where it was used in a tag battle alongside [[Khoury]]'s {{p|Totodile}} against Ash's {{AP|MopnfernoMonferno|Infernape}} and Dawn's {{TP|Dawn|Cyndaquil}}. Although Chikorita was weak against both Fire-types, it still put up a good fight but was defeated by Cyndaquil's {{m|Flame Wheel}}.
Chikorita's known moves are {{m|Tackle}}, {{m|Razor Leaf}}, {{m|Light Screen}} and {{m|SolarBeam}}.}}