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The flavor of Aprijuice determines how much it will raise the stats of a pokemon that drinks it. The flavor of a type of juice increases when certain Apricorns are blended with a pre-existing batch, if the Apricorns added are of the same type as the juice and have a strong value (see the chart below). A juice with a high flavor can raise performance stats by several levels, whereas a juice with a low flavor will only raise it slightly or not at all. A juice's flavor maxes out at 100.
The mildness of a batch of Aprijuice determines whether or not the juice will have a negative effect on a pokemon, such as lowering certain performance stats. The more mild a batch of Aprijuice is, the less negative affect it will have. The more the {{player}} walks, the milder the juice becomes. Walking 100 steps adds one more level of mildness. Also, as days pass the mildness increases. If Apricorns are added to a batch to increase the flavor, the mildness will be reset to 0 when the batch is done mixing. A juice's mildness maxes out at 255.
The effects of multiple Aprijuices do not stack when fed to a pokémon; the effects of the new drink replace the effects of the last drink. When a Pokémon is put into a [[PC|PC box]], all of the effects of an Aprijuice disappear.