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List of Key Items in Generation II

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goldenrod tunnel
|bag=Key items
|effect=Allows the player to access the basement of the [[Underground Path (Goldenrod)|Goldenrod UndergroundTunnel]].
|descgsc=Opens doors.
|locgsc=During [[Team Rocket]]'s raid on the [[Goldenrod Radio Tower]]; taken from the [[Rocket Executive]] disguised as the Manager after defeating him.
|effect=Opens doors in the [[Goldenrod Radio Tower]].
|descgsc=Opens shutters in the Radio Tower.
|locgsc=Gift from the manager after saving him in [[Underground Path (Goldenrod)|Goldenrod's undergroundTunnel]].
|main=Card Key
|effect=Holds up to 9999 coins for use at the [[Rocket Game Corner]] and [[Goldenrod Game Corner]].
|descgsc=Holds up to 9,999 game coins.
|locgsc=In the southern part of the [[Underground Path (Goldenrod)|Underground Path]] in [[Goldenrod CityTunnel]].
|main=Coin Case