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I'm making some templates to demonstrate the form differences in side games. Apparently there are none in Pinball R/S. Also, the jury is still out for some of the PMD2''ers'' (Deoxys, Castform and Cherrim) and Deoxys in Trozei. So here are the ones that I've done though.
* PMD2 Unown: Template:Side game/Dungeon2yes/26formes
* PMD2 Burmy/Wormadam: [[Template:Side game/Dungeon2yes/3formes]]‎
* PMD2 Shellos/Gastrodon: [[Template:Side game/Dungeon2yes/2formes]]‎
* Trozei Unown: Template:Side game/Trozeiyes/28formes
--[[User:MisterE13|<span style="color:#0000FF">Mister</span>]][[User talk:MisterE13|<span style="color:#008000">'''E'''</span>]][[Special:Contributions/MisterE13|<span style="color:#80008013">13</span>]] 03:27, 4 January 2009 (UTC)