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== 1 question ==
umm.. well i bought soulsiver when it can out but last friday i lost my dsi with soulsilver in it but i still have the pokewalker... is there any way to connect it to the new soulsilver i got today? [[User:Vkickass|Vkickass]] 17:39, 4 April 2010 (UTC)
:Reset it by going to the Pokéwalker connection screen on the new SoulSilver (Down+X+L), and then just connect it normally. ▫▪''[[User:Tina|<span style="color:#d93f91;">Ťïňắ</span>]]'' <sup>[[User talk:Tina|<span style="color:#ae41d9;">♫</span>]][[Special:Contributions/Tina|<span style="color:#d941cf;">♥</span>]]</sup> 17:37, 4 April 2010 (UTC)
what about the new pokewalker i got with the game... will that still work? [[User:Vkickass|Vkickass]] 17:39, 4 April 2010 (UTC)