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Lapras Beach

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'''Lapras Beach''' (Japanese: '''ラプラスビーチ''' ''Laplace Beach'') is a location in {{g|Ranger: Locus ofGuardian LightSigns}}.
It is located east of [[KokonaCocona Village]] and south westsouthwest of [[KururiCurl CoveBay]] on [[RainbowRenbow Island]]. On the beach is a {{p|Lapras}} that will escort the player south towards [[Coral Sea]]. On the {{player}}'s first visit, the tide will be high, blocking the eastern exit of the beach that connects to [[Curl Bay]]. Lapras Beach is where the player will meet [[Nema]] for the first time. She wants the player to retrieve the [[Z.Z. Flyer|UFO]] that sank in the water. After retrieving the {{tt|UFO|Z.Z. Flyer}}, the tide will recede allowing access to Curl Bay.
{{obliviapkmn|174|Igglybuff|Normal|Crush 1}}
{{obliviapkmn|187|Hoppip|Grass|Cut 1}}
{{obliviapkmn/f|417|Pachirisu|Recharge|Recharge 1|c=left}}
{{Stub|Location}}===The Big One That Got Away===
*'''Task:''' Travel to [[Coral Sea]] to look for the big [[Pokémon]] that got away and took a man's lure with it.
*'''Reward:''' 10 Ranger Points
===The Coral Charm===
*'''Task:''' Travel to [[Coral Sea]] to look for Moana's coral charm that got washed away.
*'''Reward:''' 20 Ranger Points
==In other languages==
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|fr=Plage Lokhlass
|it=Spiaggia Lapras
|es=Playa de Lapras}}
[[es:Playa de Lapras]]
[[fr:Plage Lokhlass]]
[[it:Spiaggia Lapras]]