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Kanto Route 11

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Fixed the ItemFinder sprite link and added the two HGSS items
{{Itlistbod|Itemfinder III|From Professor Oak's aide in the lookout station as a reward for capturing 30 different Pokémon.|RBYFRLG|display=[[Itemfinder]]}}
{{Itlistbod|Escape Rope|Hidden in rock just above the Lookout Station|RBYFRLG}}
{{Itlistbod|Awakening|In the northwest corner of the route|FRLG|display={{DL|Status ailment healing item|Awakening}}}}
{{Itlistbod|none|From the berry tree in the northeast corner of the route|GSC|display=|display={{DL|Berries (Generation II)|Berry}}}}
{{Itlistbod|Revive|Hidden in the rock under the Berry tree|GSC|display={{DL|Revive|Revive}}}}
{{Itlistbod|Rose Incense|On the ledge between Teacher Hillary and PokéFan Boone (south path)|HGSS|display={{DL|Incense#Rose_Incense|Rose Incense}}}}
{{Itlistbod|PP Up|On the ledge at the western end of route, but must proceed there from the east end.|HGSS|display={{DL|Vitamin#PP_Up|PP Up}}}}