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{{Ash}} and {{ashfr|his friends}} make it back to [[Twinleaf Town]] as {{an|Dawn}} and {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}} take the lead, clearly excited to be back home. As they walk, [[{{an|Brock]]}} enjoys the quiet atmosphere, remiding Ash of [[Pallet Town|his hometown]]. Ahead, they spot a few people talking about placing some stands, but not making much progress. Dawn calls out their names, [[Izzy and Cara]], meeting up with them. Cara mentions that are working with [[Johanna]] to plan the [[Twinleaf Festival|festival]], but Izzy isn't helping much. Dawn introduces Ash, Brock and her Piplup.
Dawn leads her friends to her house as Dawn is clearly excited, busting in. Johanna meets her, as well as Ash and Brock, with her {{TP|Johanna|Glameow}} and {{p|Umbreon}} in tow. Johanna meets Piplup as the Penguin {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} tries to meet Glameow, but it gets a cold shoulder, the same with Umbreon. A girl, [[Noelle]], walks down the stairs with her {{p|Bellossom}}. She finished setting up the rooms for Ash and Brock, being there to enroll in Johanna's {{pkmn|Coordinator}} class. Dawn shows her the four ribbons she has earned, but Brock pulls her aside and makes his usual advances to Noelle. He gets {{m|Poison Jab|shut down}} not just by {{TP|Brock|Croagunk}}, but Bellossom as well with {{m|Stun Spore}}, Croagunk dragging him away.
==Major events==
<!-- This is not for summarizing everything that happens in this episode. Only events pertaining to the series as a whole, such as captures and releases, go here. -->
*{{Ash}} and {{ashfr|friends}} make it to [[Twinleaf Town]]. Ash and [[{{an|Brock]]}} also meet {{an|Dawn}}'s mother, Johanna, for the first time in person.
*The gang learn that [[Professor Oak]] will be visiting Twinleaf Town to give a lecture during the Festival.
*Dawn and Johanna have a battle, with Johanna winning.
* {{Ash}}
* {{an|Dawn}}
* [[{{an|Brock]]}}
* [[Jessie]]
* [[James]]
* Dawn's [[ribbon]]s are far smaller than normal when she shows them off during this episode.
* The {{p|Rapidash}} shown in this episode is much smaller than other Rapidash shown in the anime. Its size was closer to that of a {{p|Ponyta}}, its pre-evolution.
* When {{TP|Brock|Croagunk}} used {{m|Poison Jab}} on [[{{an|Brock]]}} its Japanese voice can be heard.
===Dub edits===