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Suburban Area (Pokéwalker Route)

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{{PokéWalkerInfobox|ResidentialSuburban Area|じゅうたくち|Residential Area|cost=500|unlock=default|Fighting|Normal|Psychic|description={{tt|どこかの じゅうたくち。 こんな<br>なかでも おでかけを すれば<br>ポケモンたちに であうことができる。|A residential area in some placesomewhere. Even herewhen ifyou walkedtake Pokémona Stroll here, you can bemeet encounteredPokémon.}}}}
'''ResidentialSuburban Area''' (Japanese: '''じゅうたくち''' Residential Area) is a course for the [[Pokéwalker]] that is unlocked by saving up 500 watts.