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Wallpaper is a background to the Pokémon storage system. Beginning with the interface of [[Generation III]], the background of each box can be decorated with one of sixteen different default wallpapers. It can be changed, making it easier to distinguish between boxes. Changing wallpaper doesn't affect the Pokémon in the storage system.
In {{game|Emerald}}, certain unique phrases will result in [[Walda]] in Rustboro giving the player a special, customizable wallpaper design by cheering her up and making her laugh. In {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}} and {{game|Platinum}}, eight special wallpapers can be unlocked by using unique phrases by a man in [[Jubilife TV]] located in [[Jubilife City]] in a manner similar to {{game|Emerald}}. Online generators have been created to supply players with these phrases, using player's [[Trainer ID number|ID numbers]] and game language. This has also been applied to {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, with the location being at [[Violet City]]'s Pokémon Center near the PC. Talking to the person there (named Hajime) with the correct phrases will activate a wallpaper. However, the game's method of processing the phrases is unknown, though it does have to do with the trainerstrainer's ID number.
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