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Intro: meh
It is much later that Jun finally returns, riding a {{p|Dragonite}}, just in the nick of time to save Hareta and Mitsumi from the self destruction of Team Galactic HQ. After a hasty preparation, Jun and Hareta head out to the [[Spear Pillar]] on his Dragonite, in hopes of preventing Team Galactic from summoning Dialga. However, as they approach [[Mt. Coronet]] there's a sudden burst of turbulence, forcing them to land on the mountain's slope where Jupiter is waiting. Jun tells Hareta to go on ahead and let him handle Jupiter himself, making sure to let Hareta know that if he loses up there, there'll be a {{PDollar}}1,000,000 fine. Eventually, Jupiter is defeated thanks to the interference of [[Cynthia]], who has come with Professor Rowan. The three arrive at the Spear Pillar together, where Hareta is trying to defeat Cyrus, who has control of Dialga. Thanks to the lake trio, Cyrus's power over Dialga is broken, however {{p|Palkia}} appears to cause trouble as well by getting into a fight with Dialga. Mitsumi and the Gym Leaders finally arrive as back up, and together, using a plan devised by Cyrus, Dialga and Palkia are calmed, peacefully returning where they came from.
Jun also later competes in the [[Pokémon League]], but is defeated by [[KōyaKoya]], who tells Jun that weak Trainers like him who have no skill should simply quit, as in the end it'll only end in tears.