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*There are no [[Generation III]] Eeveelutions, making it the only generation so far to not have introduced any.
*All of the Eeveelutions so far have had their elemental type be one whose moves were formerly governed solely by the {{stat|Special Attack}} stat. The only formerly all-special elemental type not yet covered is {{t|Dragon}}, which may indicate the type of a future Eeveelution, if any more are introduced.
*Each Eeveelution has identical [[base stat]] totals, as well as the same 130-110-95-65-65-60 amounts. What differs among them is whatwhich amount is allotted to which stat.
**Espeon and Glaceon both have their highest base stat in Special Attack, as well as the same stats in HP and Special Defense. The other stats, however, vary.
*The [[Pokémon League entrance exam instructor|instructor of the Pokémon Exam]] that {{Ash}} and [[Team Rocket]] competed in in ''[[EP056|The Ultimate Test]]'' used the first generation Eeveelutions to battle Ash.