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:''Main article: {{p|Flareon}}''
The final member of [[Generation I]]'s Eeveelution trio is '''Flareon''', a {{type2|Fire}} Pokémon, evolving from Eevee when it is exposed to a {{evostone|Fire Stone}}. Flareon's highest stat is its Attack, higher than any other Fire-type's Attack stat except for the [[legendary Pokémon]] {{p|Ho-Oh}}, with which it is tied with. However, this high Attack is not without its drawbacks: many of the moves that Flareon learns are [[special move]]s, and since, unlike Vaporeon and Jolteon, Flareon fell on the other side of the Special split, its formerly formidable Special became its Special Defense; its Special Attack is mediocre at best. In addition, it learns only one physical [[STAB]] move, {{m|Fire Fang}}, which has a moderately low [[power]].
Despite this, Flareon still has uniqueness. Its ability, {{a|Flash Fire}}, combined with its incredible Attack gives it a great boost if a Fire-type move is used on it. The ability to resist against the mostly-special Water-type's powerful moves also gives it an advantage.