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** Coincidentally, Turtwig's amount of episodes taken to evolve is the reversal of the amount of episodes {{p|Treecko}} took to evolve, which is ''59'' episodes, whereas Turtwig took ''95'' episodes.
** Both also had problems attacking temporarily after they evolved. Grotle kept tripping, while Sceptile lost its ability to attack.
* Torterra, has Turtwig, is Ash's first Pokémon to [[evolution|evolve]] while battling against one of his [[rival]]s.
* Torterra and Staraptor have been used against Paul the most out of Ash's current team. However, Torterra, as a Turtwig and Grotle, has lost every time, twice to [[Paul's Honchkrow]] and once to {{AP|Paul's Chimchar|Infernape}}.
** However, each time it lost, it had a type disadvantage.