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Pokémon can be traded from between [[Generation I]] and [[Generation II]] games using the [[Time Capsule]] feature. For compatibility purposes, the Pokémon to be traded from the [[Generation II]] game must be a species that existed in [[Generation I]] cannot have any attacks which do not exist in [[Generation I]].
Pokémon can be transferred from [[Generation III]] to [[Generation IV]] using the [[Pal Park]] feature. However, they cannot be transferred in the opposite direction in the opposite direction.
Trading from [[Generation I|Generations I]] and [[Generation II|II]] to [[Generation III]] or [[Generation IV]] is impossible for two reasons. Firstly, hardware reasons prevent a GBA game from linking to a Gameboy Color game. Secondly, the [[Pokémon data structure in the GBA|Pokémon data structure]] was changed significantly, and the two are no longer compatible. Likewise, the Nintendo DS has no link cable support. Enterprising players may use a cheating tool such as [[Pokésav]] to re-create their Pokémon in [[Generation IV]].