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'''Pal Park''' (Japanese: '''パルパーク''' ''Pal Park'') is a special post-[[National Pokédex]] area in {{game5|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum|HeartGold|SoulSilver}}. In [[Sinnoh]] it can be found at the end of {{rt|221}}; in [[Kanto]] it is located in [[Fuchsia City]]. The purpose of Pal Park is to import Pokémon from the [[Generation III]] [[Game Boy Advance]] games into the newer games through the [[Nintendo DS]]'s second game slot. Before the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver, this was the only way to obtain certain rare Pokémon, and still is the only way to obtain certain event Pokémon in the [[Generation IV]] games, such as [[Celebi]], [[Jirachi]] and [[Deoxys]]. According to [[Professor Oak]], Pal Park attracts Pokémon from other regions.
(Note that Pokémon transfer is not possible on the [[Nintendo DSi]] and [[DSi XL|Nintendo DSi XL]] consoles due to their lack of a second game slot.)
Pal Park's slogan is "''A Place for New Beginnings''". This references its role as the beginning of the post-{{pkmn|League}} section of the game in the games it was originally released in, and the "new beginning" a transferred Pokémon will have.