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"The Marking Map lets you mark intriguing locations. Drag marks to places on the map that you want to remember."
Obtained in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum from the president of The Pokétch Company after obtaining the {{Badge|Cobble}}. Not to be confused with the more in-depth [[Town Map]], it displays a basic [[Sinnoh]] map similar to the [[#Berry Searcher|Berry Searcher]]'s and allows players to drag and drop different markings (●, ★, , ▲, ♥ and ) on the map. It also displays the current locations of the two [[roaming Pokémon|Pokémon that travel around Sinnoh]], {{p|Cresselia}} and {{p|Mesprit}}. In {{v2|Platinum}}, the [[legendary birds]] can also be seen after they begin roaming.
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