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===Major appearances===
====[[Ash's Cyndaquil]]====
[[Ash Ketchum]] captured a {{AP|Cyndaquil}} in ''[[EP141|Good 'Quil Hunting]]''. During its early days on Ash's team, Cyndaquil was easily tired-out (e.g. waiting a while for the flames on its back to ignite so it could use {{type2|Fire}} attacks). Eventually, Cyndaquil got overovercame its shortcomings. Ash left his Cyndaquil, along with the rest of his [[Johto]] [[Party|team]] (save for {{p|Pikachu}}), at [[Professor Oak]]'s lab when he set out for [[Hoenn]].
[[File:Dawn Cynda.png|thumb|250px|Dawn's Cyndaquil]]
====[[Dawn's Cyndaquil]]====
In ''[[DP143|An Egg Scramble!]]'', {{an|Dawn}} defeated {{an|Lyra}} in a battle, winning an {{pkmn|egg}}. Shortly after, the egg hatched into a Cyndaquil.