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Synopsis: whoopsie!
{{Adv|Red}} excitedly enters the {{ci|Fuchsia}} {{ka|Safari Zone}}, where he encounters his two guides, {{p|Pidgebots|Pidgey|Pidgebots}} 1 and 2. Under Safari Zone rules, he leaves his Pokémon for safekeeping and hops on board a raft which will take him through the Zone via a selection of waterways.
Red's excitement is short-lived, however, as the raft soon comes across two {{p|Nidoking}} in the middle of a raging battle over a {{p|Nidoqueen}}. The Pidgebots assure him, however, that he is totally safe, and while they are looking the other way, Red produces a [[Poké Ball]] he managed to sneak in with him and attempts to catch one of the Nidoking, but misses, instead accidentally capturing the Nidoqueen they were arguing over. This enrages the Nidoking and they smash the raft to pieces.