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|title_en=Long Live the Nidoking! |
|title_ja=VS ニドキング |
|title_ro=VS. Nidoking |
|image=Pkmnspecial21PS021.png |
|chapter=Red, Green & Blue |
|volume=2 |
|number=21 |
|location=[[Kanto Safari Zone|Safari Zone]] {{safari|Kanto}}
|prev_round=Meanwhile...Vileplume! |
|next_round=A Hollow Victreebel }}
'''Long Live the Nidoking!''' (Japanese: '''VS ニドキング''' ''VS. Nidoking'') is the twenty-first in the {{chap|Red, Green &21st Blue}}round of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga.
{{Adv|Redspoilers}} excitedly enters the {{ci|Fuchsia}} {{ka|Safari Zone}}, where he encounters his two guides, {{p|Pidgebots|Pidgey}} 1 and 2. Under Safari Zone rules, he leaves his Pokémon for safekeeping and hops on board a raft which will take him through the Zone via a selection of waterways.
{{adv|Red}} excitedly enters the {{ci|Fuchsia}} {{safari|Kanto}}, where he encounters his two guides, [[Pidgebot]]s 1 and 2. Under Safari Zone rules, he leaves his Pokémon for safekeeping and hops on board a raft which will take him through the Safari Zone via a selection of waterways. Red is excited to see the variety of Pokémon living in the Safari Zone, and eventually the raft soon comes across two {{p|Nidoking}} in the middle of a raging battle over a {{p|Nidoqueen}}. The violence has Red worrying about the danger, and from the Safari Zone's control room the warden is pleased with how the guest, Red, is receiving a thrill. The personnel chime in, saying that the Pidgebot security system is foolproof and will ensure the customer's safety in any scenario.
Red'sAs excitementhe iswatches short-livedon, however,Red asdecides thethat raftone soonof comesthe across two {{p|Nidoking}} inwould the middle ofbe a raginggreat battleaddition overto ahis {{p|Nidoqueen}}. The Pidgebots assure him, however, that he is totally safe[[Pokédex]], and whileas theythe arePidgebots lookinglook the other way, Red produces a [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} he managed to sneak in with him. andUnfortunately, attemptsthe toPoké catchBall one ofmisses the Nidoking, butand missesinstead, instead accidentally capturingcaptures the Nidoqueen they were arguing over. This enrages the Nidoking, and before Red can get out of the way they smash the raft to pieces.
Some timeSometime later, Red wakes to find a furious Pidgebot 1 berating him for breaking the rules, and informing him that they'll have no choice but to walk to the exit, since the Nidoking will probably be looking for him. In an attempt to keep him safe, it gives him a [[Safari Ball]], which is the only Ball capable of capturing a Safari Zone Pokémon (besides the Nidoqueen whichthat Red just caught, which thePidgebot Pidgebot1 puts down to pure luck). Seconds later, athe Nidoking appears and attackscharges onceat again.him Red attempts to capture it with the Safari Ball, but the enraged Nidoking simply bats it away, forcingtearing at Red with claw attacks and thecorrosive Pidgebotacid from its claws. Red flings a rock at Nidoking to takeweaken flightit, but instead only angers it further and forces Red to escape deeper into the Zone with the Pidgebot 1. Elsewhere, the Safari Zone staff have failed to locate Red, only succeeding in recovering the broken Pidgebot 2, while Red's Pokémon look on worriedly.
InStill desperationrunning from the Nidoking, Red grabsis astruck rockby anda hurlsspurt itof intoacid theon Nidoking'shis faceleg, butand oncePidgebot again1 succeedsbravely onlydives in makingto itdefend evenhim, angrier.getting Asbadly thedamaged Nidokingin attacksthe onceprocess. In againreturn, injuring Red's leg,lures theNidoking away from Pidgebot is1, badlythrowing damageda insharp anrock attemptat toNidoking, defendpoking him.its Heeye managesout, toand brieflyallowing incapacitatehim theflee Nidokinginto bythe embeddingZone awith sharpPidgebot rock1. inAs itsnight headfalls, andPidgebot picks1 upwarns theRed damagedthat Pidgebot,Nidoking fleeinghas intonow themarked Zone.him Heas an enemy, to which Red expresses concern for the Pidgebot. Embarrassed, whichPidgebot 1 reminds him that it's just a robot, programmed to make sure that he reaches the exit safely, and he should be thinking more about his own safety than that of a robotic guide. ItNoting alsothat suggeststhe theySafari formZone awould strategy,only butget evenmore dangerous as itthey triescontinue, toPidgebot warn1 himsuggests ofthey theform dangersa lyingstrategy deeperas inopposed theto Zoneblindly forcing their way, but Red is swallowedquickly captured by a {{p|Victreebel}}.
==Major Eventsevents==
* {{Advadv|Red}} catches a {{p|Nidoqueen}} atin the Safari Zone{{safari|Kanto}}.
* [[Baoba]] (unnamed)
====Pokémon debuts====
* {{p|Dragonair}}
* {{p|Nidoking}}
* {{p|Nidoqueen}} ({{adv|Red}}'s)
* {{p|Victreebel}}
* {{Advadv|Red}}
* [[Baoba]] (unnamed)
* {{p|Ivysaur}} ([[Saur]]; {{adv|Red}}'s)
* {{p|Pikachu}} ([[Pika]]; {{adv|Red}}'s)
* {{p|Nidoqueen}} ({{adv|Red}}'s; new)
* {{p|Parasect}}
* {{p|Exeggcute}}
* {{p|Dragonair}}
* {{p|Nidoking}} (two×2)
* {{p|Nidoqueen}} (Red's; new)
* {{p|Pikachu}} ([[Pika]]; Red's)
* {{p|Ivysaur}} ([[Saur]]; Red's)
* {{p|Victreebel}}
* [[Pidgebot]]s 1 and 2
* The Safari Zone's logo is a subtle nod towards the movie {{wp|Jurassic Park (film)|Jurassic Park}}, down to the silhouette of the Nidoking in the background. The movie and this round also share certain plot elements.
* The English title of this round is based off ofon the saying "Long live the king!"
==In other languages==
|zh_cmn={{tt|VS 尼多王|VS Nidoking}}
|fi={{tt|Red vastaan Nidoking|Red versus Nidoking}}
|fr_eu=Nidoking{{tt|*|Glénat translation}}<br>{{tt|Le Parc Safari|The Safari Zone}}{{tt|*|Kurokawa translation}}
|de={{tt|Lang lebe Nidoking!|Long live Nidoking!}}{{tt|*|Egmont Manga & Anime translation}}<br>VS. Nidoking{{tt|*|Panini Comics translation}}
|it=VS Nidoking
|pt_br=VS Nidoking
|es_eu={{tt|Contra Nidoking|VS Nidoking}}
|vi=VS Nidoking
{{Project Manga notice}}
[[pl:Kontra Nidoking]]
[[de:Kapitel 21 (Pocket Monsters SPECIAL)]]
[[fr:Chapitre 21 (Pocket Monsters Special)]]
[[ja:ポケットモンスターSPECIAL 第21話]]