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:Update - I have since caught all of the letters. I only checked in the room that connects to staircase P, but I am going to assume the other rooms are the same, since I could find all of the letters in there. I don't know the rates, but I do know that A, B, and P are fairly rare. Going to add them into the list of pokemon; and also arrange them alphabetically. (Right now it spells out "Friend". If anyone objects, just let me know.)--[[User:Lamb|<span style="color:green">Lamb</span>]]<small>''([[User talk:Lamb|<span style="color:brown">talk</span>]])''</small> 01:52, 26 February 2010 (UTC)
::You are correct. I can't remember but it's either supposed to spell "friend" or "friends". Way back when Platinum was first released a guy doing a walkthough mentioned that. <b>[[User:.insomniac.|<font color="#FFC125">inso</font><font color="#CC1100">m</font><font color="#E0DFDB">niac</font></b>]] 01:58, 26 February 2010 (UTC)
:I left it spelling "Friend" because they appear in different rooms. I added in all of the rest. I don't know their catch rates, and I don't know if they appear in different rooms in Diamond or Pearl, so I left those places blank. Hopefully someone will know what that is, and be able to fill it in.