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I'm|- still kind of new to Bulbapedia, so please forgive me if I do something wrong...
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I== haveAbout beenme playing Pokémon since I was seven years old and got my first video game(pkmn red). Since then, I have==
I am not by any definition of the word new to the craze that is Pokémon. When I was 6 years old, Pokémon Red was released in America, and it was a huge hit. I got Red and my brother got Blue. I chose Charmander and he Squirtle, and before we knew it, they were fully evolved. Using the link-cable he had, we battled our starters all the time, and built up a rivalry between us, a great loathing towards the opposing starter, and a great bond with our fully evolved starters. Eventually, I also became one of the lucky few to obtain a legitimate Mew, from the Nintendo Event. It was a year before either of us could solve the great puzzle of giving water to the guards, which resulted in {{tt|me catching every Pokémon obtainable up to that point|my friend used his new Yellow to give us Starters, and we traded with each other for version exclusives}}, and creating strong teams to counteract each other. By then we were both eight years old, being twins, and finally solved the puzzle that we, nor any of our classmates could. We both quickly overcame the elite four, trained our starters up from the 80s to 100 at nine, and by trading with classmates for data, completed the Pokédex. But now, we caught word of rumors of new Pokémon, and the age of Gold and Silver was upon us.
*We Completedboth got Gold, while my lifelong friend, who previously had Yellow, got Silver. After hearing rumors of new, different colored Pokémon, we were eager to catch one. Luck smiled upon my friend, as he managed to snag himself the Pokedexelusive shiny Lapras, while I was {{tt|shinyless|Red Gyarados doesn't count...}}, forced to keep looking for Pokémon to counter my brother's team, and the Blastoise I despised so much. (R/B/Y)
* Caught every Legendary Except for Deoxys (Trade, Anyone?)
* Leveled 5 Pokemon to 100 (Lugia, Mewtwo, Alakazam, Charizard(multiple))
* Caught a Shiny!!!!!XD XD XD XD XD (Cacnea :< )
* Beaten numerous pokémon games
* Ummmmmmmm... that's about it.... =P
==Quotes==At 13 years old, most peolple had outgrown Pokémon, though it still fascinated my friends and brother. We waited patiently for new Pokémon, and lo and behold, they arrived. Growing up somewhat poor, my parents couldn't afford to buy me a Game Boy Advance, so almost every day, I would walk from school to my friend's house and play Ruby. We would sit, sprawled out in his treehouse, me with the Guidebook and large stack of Nintendo Powers looking over his shoulder, him with the game. Not long after he won, my brother saved enough money to buy his own GBA, plus Sapphire. I patiently waited, saving my lunch money and mooching off my friends' lunches, until the release of FireRed, which I eagerly bought, overjoyed to see Charizard as a mascot once again, and using my brother's GBA when he was out of "Screen Time".
In the words of the greatest pokémon master the world has ever known:<br>
". . .. . ."
===PokémonTurns out, I had almost enough left over to buy my own GBA SP, and with my dad's new raise, he could lend me some. That year, I finally got a job, and payed for everything in the future by myself (mostly). I eventually went on to buying Diamond, then Platinum, where I '''finally''' got my first shiny, a {{tt|Rhydon|which coincidentally broke my 35 chain of Rhyhorn}}, named Colossus, now a Rhyperior. I was so surprised it was shiny, I fell off my bunk bed and woke up my brother under Version===me.
|color={{firered''To color}}this day, my brother's (new) Blastoise has yet to beat my (new) Charizard in a 1-1 battle.''
|bordercolor={{firered color dark}}<br><br>
|headcolor={{firered==In colorDa light}}Pedia===
I've been fascinated with bulbapedia for a long time, but was motivated to join about a year or so ago, not being able to tolerate the {{tt|sprite=RedHGSSworld's greatest wiki|that's right, folks, Bulbapedia has officially outdone wikipedia (in my mind anyway...)}} having a flaw on the world's greatest Pokémon, Charizard. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those Charizard fanboys who walks around entering ubers tournaments, thinking it's invincible. Charizard has its flaws, and many of them, but believe it or not, Charizard would be OU if it weren't for {{tt|that one move that dominates Gen. IV|you know the one...}}. Anyway, I try to do whatever I can to help Bulbapedia, but right now I am sort of on two missions: 1. To help improve all the Generation 3 Pokémon 2. To make sure the "Special Abilities" Section is filled in for every Pokémon, no exceptions. '''Everything''' has a special ability.gif
|class=[[Champion|<sup>P</sup><sub>K</sub><sup>M</sup><sub>N</sub> Trainer]]}
{|gamestyle=[[Pokémon"background: Platinum#{{fire Version|color light}}; -moz-border-radius-topright: 1em; border: 5px solid #{{fire color|000000|Platinum}}]];"
|location=[[Cerulean Cave|Cerulean Cave(Pit)]]-
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==My Pokémon==
{{Party|color={{red color}}|headcolor={{blue color light}}|bordercolor={{green color}}|sprite=Red.png|prize={{pdollar}}????|class=[[Champion]]|name=Red|game={{3v2|Red|Green|Blue}}|location=[[Indigo Plateau]]|pokemon=6|
pokemon1={{Pokémon|gen=1|game=Red|ndex=051|pokemon=Dugtrio|level=82|type1=Ground|move1=Dig|move1type=Ground|move2=Hyper Beam|move2type=Normal|move3=Earthquake|move3type=Ground|move4=Toxic|move4type=Poison}}|
pokemon2={{Pokémon|gen=1|game=Red|ndex=150|pokemon=Mewtwo|level=93|type1=Psychic|move1=Psychic|move1type=Psychic|move2=Ice Beam|move2type=Ice|move3=Submission|move3type=Fighting|move4=Recover|move4type=Normal}}|
pokemon3={{Pokémon|gen=1|game=Red|ndex=145|pokemon=Zapdos|level=81|type1=Electric|type2=Flying|move1=Thunderbolt|move1type=Electric|move2=Fly|move2type=Flying|move3=Drill Peck|move3type=Flying|move4=Mimic|move4type=Normal}}|
pokemon4={{Pokémon|gen=1|game=Blue|ndex=130|pokemon=Gyarados|level=74|type1=Water|type2=Flying|move1=Ice Beam|move1type=Ice|move2=Surf|move2type=Water|move3=Hyper Beam|move3type=Normal|move4=Double Edge|move4type=Normal}}|
pokemon5={{Pokémon|gen=1|game=Blue|ndex=151|pokemon=Mew|level=87|type1=Psychic|move1=Thunder|move1type=Electric|move2=Fire Blast|move2type=Fire|move3=Blizzard|move3type=Ice|move4=Tri Attack|move4type=Normal}}|
pokemon6={{Pokémon|gen=1|game=Blue|ndex=006|pokemon=Charizard|level=100|type1=Fire|type2=Flying|move1=Flamethrower|move1type=Fire|move2=Swords Dance|move2type=Normal|move3=Hyper Beam|move3type=Normal|move4=Earthquake|move4type=Ground}}
===Green (corrupt)===
{| style="border: 3px solid #{{red color}}; background: #{{red color}}; -moz-border-radius: 10px;" cellspacing="1"
| align=center style="background: #FF9900;" | [[File:Spr_1b_006.png‎]]<br>{{p|Charizard}}
|color={{red color}}
|headcolor={{red color light}}
|bordercolor={{red color dark}}
|location=[[Mt. Silver]]
|game=HeartGold and SoulSilverGold
|heldmove1=LightHydro BallPump
|move1move2=Volt TackleSubmission
|move2move3type=Iron TailElectric
|move2typemove4=SteelIce Beam
|move3=Quick Attack
|gamegender=HeartGold and SoulSilvermale
|move1catmove3=SpecialHyper Beam
|move2move3type=Shadow Ballnormal
|move4=Aura Sphere
|gamelevel=HeartGold and SoulSilver69
|abilitytype2=Thick FatFlying
|levelmove1=82Wing Attack
|move1move1type=Shadow BallFlying
|move2catmove4=PhysicalBody Slam
|move4game=Giga ImpactGold
|heldtype1=Sitrus BerryDragon
|abilitytype2=Inner FocusFlying
|move1=Draco Meteor|move1type=Dragon|move1cat=SpecialDragonbreath
|move3move2=Fire Blast|move3type=Fire|move3cat=SpecialThunderbolt
|move4move2type=Hyper Beam|move4type=Normal|move4cat=Special}}electric
|move4=wing attack
|gamelevel=HeartGold and SoulSilver60
|type2move1=FlyingFire Punch
|levelmove2=95Sunny Day
|move2move4=Air SlashSolarbeam
|move3=Blast Burn
|move4=Dragon Pulse
|pokemonndex=Kingdra 094
|gamelevel=HeartGold and SoulSilver75
|abilitymove1=Swift SwimThunder
|move1move2=Signal BeamHypnosis
|move1catmove3=SpecialDream Eater
==More About Me==
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