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Dodrio Berry Picking

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'''Dodrio Berry Picking''' is a mini game which can be played over the [[Wireless Adapter|wireless communication system]] in {{game2|FireRed|LeafGreen|Emerald}}.
The object is to use the left, right, and up buttons on the D-pad to make each of a {{p|Dodrio}}'s three heads catch the falling [[Berry|berries]]. Each berry can fill up a box on a meter above the game. If a player misses a berry the meter emptys.
In order to play the game, the {{player}} must have a {{p|Dodrio}} in their [[party]]. The game needs a minimum of three players.
After each game, players may receive rare berries, depending on the score of the individual or the team.
[[Category:Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen]]