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Blaziken (Pokémon)

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* Blaziken is the only final form of a Hoenn Starter Pokémon that wasn't shown in the [[Ever Grande Conference]]. A {{p|Swampert}} was used by [[Morrison]] while a {{p|Sceptile}} was used by {{ho|Tyson}}.
* Blaziken, like its pre-evolution, {{p|Combusken}}, has no flame anywhere on its body unlike all other {{type2|Fire}} starters.
**However, The above statement is false. While it appears thatwhen Blaziken hasflexes nohis flamearms, flames burst from its wrists when attacking, similar to the flames that erupt from Cyndaquil and its evolutions. Combusken, however, still does not have any flames onhis itwrist.
* It is the only Pokémon to learn {{m|Blaze Kick}} by leveling up '''AND''' get STAB from the move. The only other Pokémon to learn it is {{p|Hitmonlee}}, a pure {{type2|Fighting}}.