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Sunyshore City

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Trivia: Sunyshore is only 9 letters long, therefore for what ever reason they didn't add the extra "n", and was not limited by the 10 letter limit
*The player is able to buy Luxury Balls here, a feat that is impossible during [[Generation III]].
*The layout of the city is very similar to [[Olivine City]] with exits to the north and west of the city, two houses in the northeastern corner, gym in the northwestern corner and a lighthouse in the southeastern corner. If the N is removed, Sunyshore City's Japanese name is even an anagram of [[Olivine City]]'s, since Olivine City is called Asagi City in Japanese.
*The missing "n" in the city's name is due to the character limit in the game's programming. {{p|Victreebel}} and {{p|Feraligatr}} are also affected by this.