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Kanto Route 3

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==Route description==
[[File:Route3shorts.png|thumb|200px|left|Youngster exclaiming, "I like shorts"]]
For its western half, Route 3 is a split-level [[route]]. Heading east from [[Pewter City]], {{pkmn|Trainer}}s face a small clearing that creates a fork in the road, and allows travel north or south, with south curving around eastern and then leading to a dead end. In order to progress, Trainers must turn north after the route opens up and progress east along the northern half that, in [[Generation I|Generations I]] and {{Gen|III}}, is packed with Trainers. At any point, Trainers can jump the ledges located south of this path, to access a middle section of the route between two ledges. Most of this area contains items, as well as another Trainer waiting for battle. By hopping the ledge again, Trainer are able to travel west which curves north back to the clearing at the start of the route. The southern half of the route is only accessible by hopping down ledges that will lead trainers into the paths of more rival trainers.
[[File:Route3shorts.png|thumb|200px|left|Youngster exclaiming, "I like shorts"]]
* When [[Bug Catcher]] Colton first comes up to the {{player}} he says "I saw you in [[Viridian Forest]].", though there is no Bug Catcher named Colton in Viridian Forest. He also says "You beat me again!" after defeat. This is also true in the Japanese versions, as there is no Bug Catcher named Hisashi in Viridian Forest. This error is a carryover from [[Generation I]], where no Bug Catcher, nor any other trainer class aside from [[Elite Four]] members and [[Gym Leader]]s, had specific names (making it presumable that one could encounter the same trainer twice in different areas).
* Route 3 is the scene to an infamous Pokémon quote amount fandom, where a [[Youngster]] exclaims, "I like shorts. They're comfy and easy to wear." Further along in the route, another Youngster exclaims "Hey! You're not wearing shorts!"