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Glitched IV's for Roaming Legendaries?: new section
:Just a coincidence for you. Poké Balls do not work better on blue Pokémon. [[User:Tyro|Tyro]] 18:45, 14 February 2010 (UTC)
== Glitched IV's for Roaming Legendaries? ==
So, after Playing through FireRed a couple times and noticing that Suicune's IV's were abnormally low (as in, 0's in 4 stats and single digit for the rest), I tried grabbing a Raikou. It had abysmal IV's as well. Then I noticed a Latias I caught from Sapphire had IV's that were just like the Beasts, with 4-5 zeros. Google has turned up a few discussion board posts claiming that all Roaming Legendaries in the third generation games have the same problem, with the exception of Emerald. But beyond that I haven't found anything solid. Can anyone clear this up?