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{{trainerpkmn|note=|main=no|nick=Ri|Diamond|Lickilicky|{{normal color}}|Diamond Ri.png|As a Lickitung, Ri came from [[Lake Valor]], but followed the president of the Pokétch Company to [[Jubilife City]], where it made havoc by stealing passers-by's stuff. After his map was stolen, Diamond confronted it and it evolved while the two were in battle. Diamond soon caught it and it developed a strong loyalty to the young boy. Its powerful tongue can fling Diamond up high or pick berries that are up high. Its known attacks are [[Dig]], [[Power Whip]], [[Rollout]] and [[Wring Out]].}}
{{trainerpkmn|note=|main=no|Diamond|Drifblim|{{ghost color}}|Fantina_Diamond_Drifblim.png|Drifblim was originally Fantina's but was handed to the group so they could easily reach Canalave City from Hearthome City. While it is in Diamond's hands at the moment, he intends to return it to Fantina after he's done using it.}}
{{trainerpkmn|note=f|main=no|nick=Moo|Diamond|Mamoswine|{{ice color}}|Diamond_Moo.png|Moo was caught by [[Platinum (Adventures)|Platinum]] in [[Snowpoint City]] because it reminded her of Diamond. She gave it to him after the [[Veilstone City]] showdown with [[Team Galactic]]. It has only been seen out of its Poké Ball once, but it seems to be incredibly powerful.}}