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Pokémon Red and Blue Versions

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Six for starters and evolutions, two for fossil and evolution, two for two of the Eeveelutions, and one for one of the dojo Pokémon would make this number 128, correct? Or am I forgetting something?
*On the box art of Red and Blue, at the bottom states "Link with (Red or Blue) version to catch all 150 monsters". This is one of the rare occasions where the Japanese name "Pocket Monsters" is referenced.
*These two titles along with {{V2|Yellow}} are the only titles to have their mascot's artwork changed from their Japanese counterparts.
*The blurb on the back of the games' boxes state that 139 different Pokémon can be obtained in the game without trading. This, however, includes all Pokémon that the player chooses (i.e. both the {{p|Omanyte}} and {{p|Kabuto}} families are counted). Therefore, the true total of different Pokémon obtainable in one adventure (without trading) is 125128.
*The font used in this game was later used in {{wikipedia|Wario Land 3}}, with the exception of numerals and punctuation marks.