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'''Grandpa''' (Japanese: '''じーちゃん''' ''Grandpa'') is a creepy mad scientist in the romantic manga series [[Magical Pokémon Journey]], also known as ''Pokémon PiPiPi Adventure''. He's is a genius at making all sorts of things, such as love potions, magic mirrors, and a magical suit that will protect its wearer from harm. He sent [[Hazel]] out to catch [[Pokémon]] for him so that he could impress girls, but she hasn't caught a thing.
== History ==
He sent [[Hazel]] out to catch {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} for him so that he could impress girls, but she has not yet caught any.
== Personality and characteristics ==
Grandpa is married to [[Ginger]] and is the grandfather of [[Coconut]]. He is apparently the president of Pog, Inc, but does not want to return because running the company isn't fun.
Most of his inventions don't work.
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==In other languages==
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| Japanese
| じーちゃん ''Grandpa''
| Refers to the fact that he wishes to be seen as an older, mentorly figure. Also relates to the fact that he is [[Coconut]]'s grandfather.
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| English
| Grandpa
| Same as Japanese name.
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| French
| Grand-Père
| Means "grandfather".
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| Italian
| Nonno
| Means "grandfather".
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