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Silver (game)

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Trivia: Silver does not look female here. Rosy cheeks does not equal female.
[[File:Silvergirl.jpg|thumb|220px|Concept art depicting a female Silver.]]
* Early concept art for Gold and Silver shows a clearly female character.
* Some fans call him "Kamon" to discern him from {{adv|Silver|his Pokémon Adventures counterpart}} and {{an|Silver|an anime character}}. The name is taken from the optional names for the {{ga|Gold|player}} in Silver, much as some call {{ga|Blue}} "Gary", where the name is found as one of the options for the player in {{game3|Red and Blue|Blue|s}}, and the rival in {{game3|Red and Blue|Red|s}}.
* As a possible reference to Silver's training schedule, {{ga|Barry}} also can be battled again (on Saturdays and Sundays) after the player becomes champion. He can also be found training at [[Stark Mountain]] during the week in {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}.