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Celebi (Pokémon)

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====Name origin====
There are many theories as to the origin of Celebi's name. It may be a combination of ''{{wp|celestial}}'' and ''being'', or it may be a combination of the English ''serenity'' and the Japanese ''bii'', which translates to ''beautiful''. It may also come from ''{{wp|celery}}'', due to the fact that Celebi is a Grass-type.
Celebi's name may also come from the Indonesian island {{wp|Sulawesi}}, whose former name is Celebes. The island is also shaped similarly to Celebi, which is most likely a coincidence.
Celebi's name may also be based on {{wp|Ceres}}, the Roman goddess of agriculture. There is also the possibility its name originates from "cerebral", referring to its psychic powers.
==In other languages==