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<div class="center"><b>Welcome to my page</b>
Well, my name is eBnDr '[[M]] [[Farfetch'd|KamonagiKamonegi]], and I'm a middle/high school student. I'm currently doing my third year.
My strategy of battle is physical moves --- I'd have to admit it, really. But I like to try other moves, like [[Double Team]]. And yes, that Mew '''IS REAL.''' Yup, the Japanese 10th aniversary Mew (November 2009)<br>[ My deviantART page]<br>By the way... I'm a female♀, living/born in Spain, yup, I'm not English, but I have a good level for my age.</div>
== Trivia ==
* EBnDr's first Pokémon was [[Pikachu]]/[[Pidgey]]
* EBnDr's first Pokémon game was [[Pokémon Yellow]]
* EBnDr has currently played all Pokémon games except for the Game Cube/Wii ones
* EBnDr's favourite Pokémon is [[Poliwhirl]], like [[Satoshi Tajiri]]
* EBnDr has Aspergers Syndrome
== History of my Pokémania ==
I don't know why I started playing/watching Pokémon, 'cos I was young, y'know. But I remember watching it with my sister, and collecting the stuff from the chips (in Spain there was collections) and owning the second movie. Eventually, we got a Game Boy Color with a Pokémon Yellow (both from second-hand) from some of my dad's friends. We get into it, and I remember than my sister was <i>way</i> better than me (she's older than me, and I was like 6-7 years old). Over the years, I lost the game, and I got other cart, used too, even if I was about to get Silver, but my cousin still used it... I eventually lost it too. After years without playing Pokémon, I started to use VisualBoy Advance back in 2006. My sister started playing Ruby too. Eventually, she stopped like before, until like a year later, when I got my Nintendo DS. The time flowed, and she started playing Diamond. Because I wanted to play it too, I bought Pokémon Platinum in May 2009 -- a few days later of its release in Spain. I beat it in August, and then, I made a looong hiatus. Until now, when I started playing the games.
<div align="center"> [[File:RB_Red.png]] <br><b><i>Thanks for coming by my page!</i></b>