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Seaking (Pokémon)

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Name origin: Not very funny though
It seems to be based on a species of {{wp|goldfish}} known as Azuma Nishiki (東錦). The horn part may be based on Matsya, an avatar that the hindu god {{wp|Vishnu}} assumed, which is sometimes depicted as a fish with a horn.
====Name origin====
Seaking's name is simply a combination of ''sea'' and ''king'' (seeking?)with an added pun in that it sounds similar to "sinking". Its Japanese name may be based on 小豆鱒 ''azukimasu'', {{wp|rock cod}} and 魔王 ''ma-ō'', devil king. Interestingly enough, its Japanese name may also be taken to literally mean 東王 ''azuma-ō'', East king. Furthermore, an アズマニシキ ''azumanishiki'' is a kind of goldfish. Likely the name is meant to compliment Goldeen's "queenliness" with a combination of the Azuma Nishiki (東錦) goldfish and the Japanese word for king, ''ou'' (王).
==In other languages==