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Emerald chapter: Blue Orb
Almost a year later, Ruby, along with {{Adv|Sapphire}}, was sent to the Battle Frontier by [[Professor Birch]] to help out the third [[Pokédex holder]] {{Adv|Emerald}} in his quest to save {{p|Jirachi}} from [[Guile Hideout]]. They first met up with the boy at the Battle Dome but it soon became clear that he resented them. So, in order to get to know Emerald, the two entered the Battle Dome tournament. Ruby fought Emerald in the semi-finals but lost. He did however help [[Emerald's Sceptile]] regain its memories of its past with [[Professor Birch]]. He and Sapphire where then kicked out of the Battle Dome by Emerald.
Outside, the two ran into [[Palace Maven Spenser]], who recognized Sapphire as a person who had held the [[{{DL|List of key items in Generation III|Blue Orb]]}}. Ruby found this odd and recorded this encounter with the power of the Memory Lighter that he had been given from Marge. After Guile Hideout captured Jirachi, Ruby and Sapphire teamed up with [[Noland]] and Emerald and challenged the Battle Tower as a four man team.
On the top floor, the team found [[Anabel]] brainwashed and under the control of Guile Hideout. With the use of {{p|Latios}} and {{p|Latias}} shared sight ability, Spenser informed the trio of Pokédex Holders that Guile had touched the Blue Orb, forcing Guile to reveal his true identity as [[Archie]]. After Archie summoned the Great Sea Beast to flood the Battle Frontier, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald where joined by {{adv|Crystal}} and {{adv|Gold}}, who revealed that Ruby and Sapphire needed Jirachi to revive their senior Pokédex Holders {{adv|Red}}, {{adv|Blue}}, {{adv|Green}}, {{adv|Yellow}} and {{adv|Silver}}, who had all been petrified by a beam that was meant for {{p|Deoxys}} at the end of the {{chap|FireRed and LeafGreen}}.