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{{trainerpkmn|note=|main=yes|nick=Zuzu|gender=male|Ruby|Swampert|{{water color}}|Zuzu Swampert.png|When Ruby picked one Pokémon in Prof. Birch's bag to use against Sapphire's [[Toro]], he had chosen the Mudkip. Zuzu tends to have a running nose. Later on, he evolved into a Marshtomp at Slateport and later evolved into a Swampert at Fortree City. Then during the battle at Sootopolis, he partnered up with Sapphire's Toro against Archie and Maxie to free the Red and Blue Orbs. In the Emerald arc, he was used in Ruby's Battle Dome and Tower challenges. Then after he learned Hydro Cannon, from the bangle Kimberly has given Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, he teamed up with the other starters to defeat [[Guile Hideout]]. Ruby uses Zuzu in the [[Tough Contest|'Tough']] section of Pokémon Contests, thus mastering all the ranks during the [[Timeline of Ruby and Sapphire's 80-day challenge|80-day challenge]] in the Ruby and Sapphire arc. He has a relaxed [[nature]] and his contest call is "Regardless of the effects of time, the toughness that this body encompasses never changes. Boiling with raging [[Torrent]], this is the Pokémon Swampert-Zuzu!"}}
{{trainerpkmn|note=|main=no|nick=Popo|gender=female|Ruby|Castform|{{normal color}}|Popo.png|Popo was given to Ruby by Maryann and Tyler after Ruby's battle with Norman at the [[Weather Institute]]. It was originally owned by [[Mr. Stone]]. It was used in the smart contests. IsIts ability is Forecast and it has a [[Careful]] nature. Its contest call is "Regardless of the effects of time, the smartness that this body encompasses never changes. Hopping between rain, sun and snow with Forecast, this is the Pokémon Castform-Popo!"}}
{{trainerpkmn|note=f|main=yes|nick=Mimi|link=Mimi (Adventures)|gender=female |Ruby|Milotic|{{water color}}|Mimi Milotic.png|Ruby fished Mimi in Route 118, while helping a Swimmer in order to apologize for messing up his fishing traps. The swimmer forced Ruby to take her with him. He released her after she lost a contest in [[Slateport City]]. Mimi later went all the way to Sootopolis City in order to reunite with Ruby. She was then hurt and humiliated by Archie and Maxie who said such ugly creatures didn't deserve to exist, but Ruby realized Mimi's inner beauty was greater than any external beauty and, after receiving the Beauty Contest Hyper Rank Ribbon from Wallace, gave it to Mimi, andalong finally gavewith her own contest call. Mimi then evolved into Milotic, the Pokémon Ruby has been searching for since he met Mr. Briney and helped in the battle against the two leaders. She was used in [[Beauty]] contests. Her ability is [[Marvel Scale]] and she has a [[Modest]] nature. Her contest call as a Feebas was "regardless of what becomes of the body, the beauty that lies in the heart never changes. Floating with Swift Swim, this is the Pokémon Feebas-Mimi!", but after her evolution it became "having released its body with its heart, it shines with overwhelming beauty. Possessing the Marvel Scale, this is the Pokémon Milotic-Mimi!"}}
===Status unknown===