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On hand
===On hand===
{{trainerpkmn|noteborder=h|main"1" style=no|Cassidy|Raticate|{{normal"border: color}}|Raticate1px teamsolid rocket.jpg|{{p|Raticate}}#000; wasborder-collapse: Butchcollapse;" andwidth=300px Cassidy's signature Pokémon during the first seasons of the anime. It cannot talk like {{MTR}}, but it does occasionally say its name at the end of Butch and Cassidy's {{motto}}. Also unlike Meowth, Cassidy keeps Raticate in a [[Poké Ball]]. It first appeared in ''[[EP057|The Breeding Center Secret]]''. It appeared again in ''[[AG176|The Ole' Berate and Switch!]]'' under Butch's command.cellspacing="0"
Raticate| isalign=center voiced by [[Jimmy Zoppi|Billy Beach]] in English and by うえだゆうじ ''[[Yuji UedaImage:020.png]]'' in Japanese.<br>{{p|Raticate}}
| align=center | [[Image:228.png]]<br>{{p|Houndour}}
Raticate's| knownalign=center moves are {{m|Tackle}}, [[Image:302.png]]<br>{{mp|Super Fang}}, and {{m|Skull Bash}}.Sableye}}
{{trainerpkmn|note=|main=no|Cassidy|Drowzee|{{psychic color}}|Butch and Cassidys Drowzee.png|In ''[[EP086|Pikachu Re-Volts]]'', [[Butch]] and Cassidy used {{p|Drowzee}} to brainwash Pokémon into turning against their {{pkmn|Trainer}}s and obeying Butch and Cassidy. [[Ash's Pikachu]] was one of the Pokémon affected.
| align=center | [[Image:073.png]]<br>{{p|Tentacruel}}
Drowzee's known moves are {{m|Hypnosis}}, {{m|Teleport}},align=center {{m|Mega Punch}}, and [[Image:210.png]]<br>{{mp|Metronome}}.Granbull}}
{{trainerpkmn|note=|main=no|Cassidy|Houndour|{{dark color}}|Cassidy's Houndour.png|Cassidy's {{p|Houndour}} debuted in ''[[EP220|The Mystery is History]]''. It's known moves are {{m|Bite}}, {{m|Ember}}, {{m|Smog}}, and {{m|Flamethrower}}.}}
{{trainerpkmn|note=|main=no|Cassidy|Sableye|{{ghost color}}|Cassidy Sableye.jpg|{{p|Sableye}} first appeared in ''[[H008|Oaknapped]]'', when Cassidy used it to battle [[Ritchie]]. It's known moves are {{m|Scratch}}, {{m|Shadow Ball}}, {{m|Focus Punch}}, and {{m|Fury Swipes}}.}}
{{trainerpkmn|note=|main=no|Cassidy|Tentacruel|{{water color}}|Tentacruel and Cloyster.jpg|Cassidy's {{p|Tentacruel}} made its appearance in ''[[H018|The Search for the Legend]]''. It was used along with Butch's {{p|Cloyster}} in their attempt of capturing and stealing {{p|Moltres}}. Its only known move is {{m|Water Gun}}.}}
{{trainerpkmn|note=f|main=no|Cassidy|Granbull|{{normal color}}|Cassidy Granbull.jpg|Cassidy's {{p|Granbull}} debuted in ''[[DP065|Sleight of Sand!]]''. Its known moves are {{m|Fire Fang}} and {{m|Bite}}.}}